HigherEdTech and Innovation Conferences in One Handy Infographic

Higher-Ed Edtech And Innovation Conferences

All the higher ed tech and innovation conferences in one easy to consume infographic! The folks over at EdSurge made this AMAZING design that outlines some of the key conferences on tech and related innovations in the higher ed space. While this previously existed for our K-12 colleagues, EdSurge has performed this excellent service for those of us that work with and in colleges and universities. If you click on the image above, it will take you to the original post which includes a PDF of the graphic along with full dates, locations, and… Read More

100 College Students… Represented Visually… And They’re Not What You Might Expect

America As 100 College Students

Turn on the TV or watch a movie and you may think that a majority of college students are 18-24 years old, attend a four-year institution full-time, live in an on campus residence hall, and attend class in a physical classroom.  Those of us that work in higher education, however, know that although this is the dominant narrative represented in the media, it is very far from the reality (even though we may need to be reminded of this fact on occasion).  I came across the following infographic from the Bill and Melinda Gate Foundation that does… Read More

Tips On How To Be More Positive At Work

Technology Is A Tool, NOT A Learning Outcome

All too frequently, we become enamored with the bells and whistles of technology without taking a step back to examine our goals for using it.  Bill Ferriter, of the Center for Teaching Quality, created the following image to demonstrate how learning to use technology can be conflated with learning what technology can enable us to do.  It provides an excellent reminder that as educators, although it is important that we teach students about how digital tools work, it is even more important that we enable and empower students to explore and use these tools to… Read More

What Does Connected Learning Look Like?

Connected learning holds the promise of re-invisioning what education can look like.  In many ways, we have talked about the ideal of connected learning for years, but it wasn’t until the advent of the internet and social media, in particular, that we have had the tools to make it a reality.  The beauty of social technology is the affordances it allows: spreadability, searchability, visibility, and the democratization of content production.  Functioning similarly, the idea of being able to create one’s own PLE (Personal Leanring Environment) or PLN (Personal Learning Network) allows one to… Read More