Tips On How To Be More Positive At Work

Although not ground breaking, there is something I love about this little graphic from the folks at CMD.  In one quick read, it provides you with a number of reminders on how to stay positive and motivated at work.  Of course, the items listed here are all things that are more or less in your locus of control.  Sometimes the more... Continue Reading →

Technology Is A Tool, NOT A Learning Outcome

All too frequently, we become enamored with the bells and whistles of technology without taking a step back to examine our goals for using it.  Bill Ferriter, of the Center for Teaching Quality, created the following image to demonstrate how learning to use technology can be conflated with learning what technology can enable us to do.  It provides... Continue Reading →

What Does Connected Learning Look Like?

Connected learning holds the promise of re-invisioning what education can look like.  In many ways, we have talked about the ideal of connected learning for years, but it wasn't until the advent of the internet and social media, in particular, that we have had the tools to make it a reality.  The beauty of social technology... Continue Reading →

What Type Of Social Media Personality Are YOU?

  One thing I have come to appreciate through my research is the varied ways in which people use social media.  Each person integrates and makes meaning of their social media presences in their own way.  However, there also seem to be some trends in ways people interact.  The following infographic struck me as surfacing... Continue Reading →

All Of Social Media… In One Beautiful Infographic

The Conversation Prism is a beautifully designed infographic, now in its fourth iteration, that provides an overview of social media sites and presents them as a taxonomy.  Different sites are categorized according to their main purpose and/or use.  Not only is the prism beautifully designed, but it also offers a great resource for individuals hoping... Continue Reading →

Fear in Higher Ed… Fear in the workplace…

I've been thinking a lot about this concept of fear in the workplace.  What causes it?  What are the signs and  symptoms?  How do you reduce it?  A big part of positive organizational culture change involves "getting the fear out."  But what is the nature of fear?  Specifically in higher education? Fear is multi-dimensional, cultural, and... Continue Reading →

Why SAPros Are Really Superheroes In Disguise [REBLOG from @JessMSamuels]

Every month I like to re-blog a post I find particularly interesting, insightful, or just plain fun.  This month’s reblog comes from Jess Samuels (@jessmsamuels) and includes an amazing infographic she designed.  Some truly excellent work!

Adventures in PopTechnology


Image Credits
Superman: Alex Ross
Lois Lane: Killian Plunkett
SA Team (JLA): Jim Lee,
Superhero/Alterego prints: by Danny Haas,
Superhero Playing Cards: RedRaspus on Flickr
Origingally posted on Student Affairs Women Talk Tech on 2.7.12

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