HigherEdTech and Innovation Conferences in One Handy Infographic

All the higher ed tech and innovation conferences in one easy to consume infographic! The folks over at EdSurge made this AMAZING design that outlines some of the key conferences on tech and related innovations in the higher ed space. While this previously existed for our K-12 colleagues, EdSurge has performed this excellent service for those of us that work with and in colleges and universities. If you click on the image above, it will take you to the original post which includes a PDF of the graphic along with full dates, locations, and clickable links! Please share and give feedback to the folks at EdSurge. They said that if they get good feedback, they’ll consider updating it every year.

Higher-Ed Edtech And Innovation Conferences
Higher-Ed Edtech And Innovation Conferences (Credit: EdSurge and eom Creative)

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