PRESENTATION VIDEO: What’s Going On “Behind the Screen” With College Students?

I had the honor of presenting, not once, but twice at the Online Learning Consortium’s Innovate Conference (co-hosted with Merlot) in New Orleans this year. The following are two videos from my presentations there. The first, immediately below, was a lightning-style talk. This presentation consisted of 20 slides, each set to advance automatically every 18 seconds, for a total presentation time of 5 minutes. In this lightning talk, I discuss one of the most compelling findings from my research: online motivation and “the Like.”

Later on during the conference I presented an extended session building off the topics in my lightning talk. The following provides a more in-depth look at what is occurring with college students in online spaces. This includes topics like: digital identity, digital identity development, digitized development, and online learning and motivation.

Many thanks to the folks at OLC for having me!

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