Relaunching SATechResources and (Higher)EdTechResources dot com…

In doing my research I often come across great tutorials on social and digital technology as well as excellent examples of their use in higher education. Rather than keep them to myself, I decided to post them publicly to help others “get up to speed” on these tools and their uses. I’ve been doing this for a number of years now, and as my resource pages grew, it became time for a redesign (and a unification). Enter: aka Below you will find links to topics on my completely redesigned resources page. It includes information about, tutorials on, and examples of social and digital technology use in higher education and student affairs settings. I will continually add information and swap out updated information as I find it.

This page also serves as a supplement to the many presentations and speaking engagements I give on the topic. Sometimes clients ask me to do a pre-speaking or post-speaking bootcamp on technology to extend the learning for participants. This contains all that information. Enjoy!

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