59 Quotes About Education That’ll Make You Go Hmmmm…


Your SA Inspiration for the Day: Little Things Lead You To Big Things

My good friend and filmmaker Brock Cravy posted this video of some kids and adults painting a fence in the hot Texas sun.  He asked simple questions… Why are you doing this?  And the results give you more than the simple question would seem to elicit.  If you need a little inspiration in your day or a reminder why you do the work you do… this is it.  A good reminder for educators.  Enjoy the brief video below.

#ACPA15 Presentation: My Improbable Love Affair… with JetBlue

I’m excited to take the stage once again to be presenting a PechaKucha style presentation at the 2015 National Convention of ACPA-College Student Educators International.  Last year I did a more serious research-focused presentation and this year I’m going the fun and inspirational route.  I’ll post the video when it’s available, but until then, enjoy the slides!

Remembering the Wisdom of Steve Jobs on His Birthday

When I’m working at my desk, Steve Jobs watches over me.  He reminds me to keep things simple and strive for excellence.  Since today he would have turned 60 years old, I wanted to share a few of the quotes from him that remind me to stay hungry and foolish.

A Visual Way of Understanding Student Development Theory

There are a handful books that I refer to as my “life changers,” or works that had a profound impact on me and my thinking long after I finished reading them.  One of these works is Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions by Edwin Abbott.  Flatland is not only wonderfully geeky and nerdy, but it also forces one to think about reality beyond our current understanding. Flatland is also a great way of understanding student development and stage-based developmental theories, visually.  In the presentation below, we’ll follow the adventures of A. Square.  Literally, a square, that… Read More