My iPhone Case That Everyone Wants

PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS OLD AND THE CASE IS NO LINGER AVAILABLE.  SAD FACE. A LOT of people compliment my iPhone case and ask me where I got it from.  Literally, I get inquiries about it almost daily.  So, given the interest, I wanted to share it with you all. I’m a minimalist when it comes to cases.  In fact, I’ll often use no case for my phone at all.  Within the past year, however, when I was crawling over lava rocks taking pictures with my iPhone in Hawaii I thought *maybe*… Read More

You’ve watched TED Talks, but have you read the new TED Books? [UPDATED]

This week, the folks over at TED just released a new initiative known as TED Books.  Available through apps for iPad, Kindle and Nook, TED Books are meant to be the eTextbook complement to the innovative series of TED talks we have all grown to love.  Following the TED tradition of brevity, they are all meant to be consumed in about an hour.  Their content also follows the TED tradition of unique, cutting edge and innovative content.