My iPhone Case That Everyone Wants


A LOT of people compliment my iPhone case and ask me where I got it from.  Literally, I get inquiries about it almost daily.  So, given the interest, I wanted to share it with you all.

I’m a minimalist when it comes to cases.  In fact, I’ll often use no case for my phone at all.  Within the past year, however, when I was crawling over lava rocks taking pictures with my iPhone in Hawaii I thought *maybe* .. just *maybe* …it might be a good idea to have an iPhone case once in a while. 😉

So, my requirements:

  • As light as possible.
  • As little extra bulk as possible.
  • Easy to quickly take on and off.

And this is what I arrived at:

Crossover by Quirky

The great thing about the Crossover is that it gives you just enough protection where you need it: the corners of the device and also a little padding on the edges for the screen. The straps are “springy” rubber so you can easily stretch them on and off the device quickly.  If you have a speaker dock or other device that requires a naked non-cased iPhone, this is a godsend.  Lastly, a neat feature of the Crossover is that the straps on the back can hold money and cards.  You won’t want to have direct contact between the back of your phone and a magnetic stripe, but putting a card without a stripe in-between it and the phone, wrapping the card in money or using one of those hotel paper sleeve like things works.

Available for iPhone 5/5s on the Quirky website $14.99 +Shipping and you get to pick your colors.  (New customers can get 20% off.  Cheaper than Amazon)

CROSSOVER-IPADMINI-01Also available for an iPad Mini on the Quirky website for $19.99 + Shipping and you get to pick your colors.  (New customers can get 20% off.  Cheaper than Amazon)

WEB-01Quirky also makes another similar iPad Mini case known as the Web.  I haven’t used it, but if you like the idea of “thing storage” and don’t care about a super easy-on easy-off case, this may be for you.  $29.99 + Shipping through Quirky.

There are two other cases I recently read about that riff on the same concept as the Quirky Corssover.  Perhaps you’ll like these better:

The Mummy / The Straightjacket


These cases use a similar strap concept as the Corssover, but include a rubbery ring around the edge.  (review)  Available from Loop for the iPhone 5/5s for $24.95 + Shipping (various colors), variations also available for the iPhone 5c, iPhone 4/4s, iPad Air, iPad 2, and iPad mini.  Sometimes cheaper on Amazon.  The Straightjacket (iPhone 5/5s only) for $34.95 + Shipping comes with a harder plastic ring around the edge instead of the rubber-like ring of The Mummy.

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