Social media began…. 2,000 years ago?! [REBLOG]

Originally posted on ISYS8621: Digital Transform.:
If you had asked me before MI621 when I thought the beginning of social media was I probably would have guessed that it started with MySpace or Xanga. Then in our first class we learned that the reply all button on email was when social media first took place on the internet. But what if social media began before the reply all button? What if it began 2,000 years ago in Rome? In his book Writing on the Wall: Social Media the First 2,000 Years, Tom Standage,…

My Relationship with @JetBlue and what it Taught Me about Life, Love and Social Media

I took Dr. Jerry Kane‘s ISYS6621: Social Media for Managers course at Boston College back in the Spring of 2013.  One of the assignments for the course is to give a brief, 5-6 minute, presentation about a social media trend or case study.  At the beginning of each semester, he has previous students come in and share their’s as an example.  Since I’ve been working on some new material, I put together this new presentation on the airline JetBlue’s social media efforts.  Those that follow me know that our relationship is… ahem… unconventional.  So here… Read More