Keep Calm… It’s Only Student Affairs… Do An Icebreaker…

I feel as though we need our now set of “keep calm” memes… don’t you?

ERMAHGERD! It’s Student Affairs!

Ah yes.  Those awkward teenage years.  A period that spawned this meme–meant to approximate the sound of speaking through an orthodontic retainer.  Interested in the history of the meme?  Check out this entry in KnowYourMeme and the video below. When you’re ready… it’s time for ERMAHGERD! ITH THUDEN AFFUTH! Got your own?  Through them in the comments below.

When you play the Student Affairs Game of Thrones…

When you play the Student Affairs Game of Thrones… There is no middle ground. The end of the year comes with a flurry of activities and work for student affairs professionals.  In that spirit, and in honor of the return of Game of Thrones this weekend, a variation on the “brace yourselves” meme… For the residence life professional… For the academic advisor…  For the SAgrad… For all the higher ed professionals… And just for an added bit of fun…

Overly Attached #StudentAffairs Colleague

They’re always waiting of you… ready to do the things in your job you don’t want to do… it’s the Overly Attached Student Affairs Colleague.  (A variation of the Overly Attached Girlfriend meme.)  Enjoy friends.

12 Memes For When “The Dining Hall Is Out Of Chicken Tenders”

Anyone who has ever worked or been on a college campus knows that access to chicken tenders (and possibly even tater tots) is practically a basic human right.  When the dining hall runs out?  Trouble happens.  With that in mind, here are 15 memes for when “the dining hall is out of chicken tenders.” (The meme names are included and linked to their descriptions in case you’ve never seen them before.) Grumpy Cat Picard Facepalm Matrix Morpheus Ridiculously Photogenic Guy Cheezburger The Most Interesting Man in the World Sad Keanu Condescending Wonka… Read More