ERMAHGERD! It’s Student Affairs!

Ah yes.  Those awkward teenage years.  A period that spawned this meme--meant to approximate the sound of speaking through an orthodontic retainer.  Interested in the history of the meme?  Check out this entry in KnowYourMeme and the video below. When you're ready... it's time for ERMAHGERD! ITH THUDEN AFFUTH! Got your own?  Through them in the... Continue Reading →

Overly Attached #StudentAffairs Colleague

They're always waiting of you... ready to do the things in your job you don't want to do... it's the Overly Attached Student Affairs Colleague.  (A variation of the Overly Attached Girlfriend meme.)  Enjoy friends.

Student Affairs Texts from Hillary

With the 2014 election behind us, you know what that means... time for 2016! With that in mind, here are a few student affairs text exchanges with Hillary... (Not familiar with this meme?  Read up on its history.) See Also: Student Affairs Problems? Thanks Obama!

Student Affairs Problems? THANKS OBAMA!

In honor of the election next week, this Thursday's funny post takes a political turn... Do you have student affairs problem?  THANKS OBAMA!  Man... he's responsible for everything! (Find out more about the history of this meme here.) See Also: Student Affairs Texts from Hillary

Ryan Gosling: Perfect Student Affairs Boyfriend

Ryan Gosling is the perfect student affairs boyfriend.  He understands the unique issues in your job.  He's a feminist and fights for social justice.  He reads student development theory in his spare time.  He's sensitive and always there to support you.  Therefore, on this Friday, I give you a little bit of love... If you... Continue Reading →

MORE Tim Gunn: Student Affairs Professional

Tweet I had so much fun with it last Friday, I had to do it again.  (With a bonus appearance by Michael Kors.) If Tim Gunn was a student affairs professional, this is what he'd say... (Shout out to Academic Tim Gunn for the inspiration.)

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