MORE-ER-ER Tim Gunn: Student Affairs Professional

giphyMichael Kors was fun, but let’s get back to the critical-but-affirming nature of Tim Gunn.  This is the last one… as I think I’ve beat this meme to its death. 😉

Original memes below the fold, but onwards to the new advice Mr. Gunn has to give:

If Tim Gunn was a student affairs professional, this is what he’d say…

7kE6hqRSDMG4wp BrpWLfR oGo4K7fqmzhOloZx6qe61

Lhl2X7GTVCdoHqKF9kkp0wxk9s8dh3pgXB0W90EU8Sp57KuxS8XUv76tAnd finally, this one comes from Academic Tim Gunn, but it still applies:


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