I lost my first Facebook friend over #Ferguson

At least that I know of. Yesterday, I went to a Facebook friend’s profile and noticed that we no longer friends.  The last interaction we had was last week in some Facebook comments regarding an article I posted on issues of race in America.  It wasn’t an article about Michael Brown or Eric Garner, but a post by a professor at Vassar College detailing her experiences of racial incidents in and around the college. (My Vassar College ID Makes Everything OK) In going back and forth with my friend in the comments, the friend pressed… Read More

Is the idea of higher education as a public good dead?

Lately I find myself increasingly frustrated. In particular, I’m frustrated by one strain of rhetoric that has increasingly crept into the public discourse. It is the idea that the acceptance of any social/government assistance is inherently a “hand out.” That somehow, our societal care for one another should only be expressed through private giving. That all individuals that accept public assistance are necessarily “leeches” on the system.  I find this incredibly disturbing and frustrating. Are we abandoning the idea that we are all in this together?  That by uplifting individuals we’re all uplifted… Read More

Student Affairs Problems? THANKS OBAMA!

In honor of the election next week, this Thursday’s funny post takes a political turn… Do you have student affairs problem?  THANKS OBAMA!  Man… he’s responsible for everything! (Find out more about the history of this meme here.) See Also: Student Affairs Texts from Hillary

20 Courses Missing From Your Higher Education and Student Affairs Master’s Program

HESA 401: Icebreakers HESA 403: The Art and Science of Table and Chair Re-Arranging HESA 410: Ordering Catering for Groups HESA 414: Crafting for Beginners – Bulletin Boards HESA 435: Managing Email, Managing Your Inbox HESA 440: How To Fit 10 People in a Hotel Room Meant for 4 HESA 480: Shopping on a Budget HESA 501: The Development of Two Truths and A Lie HESA 503: Advanced Table Skirt Hanging HESA 507: Parents HESA 514: Advanced Crafting – Button Making HESA 540: Estimating Crowd Sizes Visually HESA 550: Dealing With Duty Phone… Read More