18 Quotes About Social Media.. From Funny to Poignant

I’ve been collecting quotes as of late and I’ve struck upon a series of quotes about social media that provide a range of opinions and commentary.  Take a look at the following for some thoughts about social media and its role in our lives.

15 Meta-Tweets About Twitter

Since I’ve been on a quote-kick for a little while lately, I wanted to share some of these gems from Twitter.  They’re Twitter tweets about Twitter and tweeting.  You don’t get much more meta than that.  Enjoy. 😉

My PhD Dissertation on College Students and Social Media Reduced To 96 Quotes

Don’t want to spend the time reading through 300 pages of my dissertation work on college students, social media, identity, and selfhood?  No problem.  I pulled out 96 “quotable quotes” from the text.  Consider it the “Reader’s Digest of Dissertations.”  Wondering why 96 and not… 100…?  I just went through the whole thing until I was done. 🙂

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