Excited to Launch TheClownNoseProject.com

NOSE-0100-3I’m launching a fun little experiment I call The Clown Nose Project! It’s a simple project trying to spread a little fun and joy. The basic concept is this: Seeing pictures of normal everyday people in clown noses makes me smile. Brightening someone’s day makes me smile. By harnessing the power of the internet, perhaps I could get a small army of clown-nose-armed people (which I refer to as “Clown Nosers”) to give out clown noses to unsuspecting people and take pictures or videos of them wearing them. We can post them on the Web and spread this joy even further!

Is there a sad student in your office? Put a clown nose on it.

Is there a little girl crying in the grocery store? Put a clown nose on it.

Is the person behind the cash register having a bad day? Put a clown nose on it.

Do you want to let off a little steam? Put a clown nose on it.

So if you want to participate, you can…

1. View submitted photos and videos here:


2. Learn more about the project and how to participate here:


3. Submit your own photos and videos here:


You can also follow the project via Twitter or Facebook.

I’m excited to be launching this with the help of my ACPA family this week. And I’d like to thank two gentlemen in my life for inspiring me with this idea. You know who you are. So come join us! Become a Clown Noser!

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