Student Affairs Singers, Songwriters, and Band Members

I was inspired by one of my friends/student affairs colleagues who recently released some songs with his band The VIr (Old Train Car… LOVE this song) and it had me wondering about what other student affairs professionals sing and/or perform in bands.  I’ve always been in awe of people with musical talent (myself possessing none) and wanted to support them in their pursuits.

I put out a call through social media and here are some of the singers and band members I uncovered.  Give them a listen and support them.  If there are others we should know about, throw them in the comments.

(And for the artists out there, if you’d prefer I link to something else, use a different image, or remove you, just let me know.  I want to represent you he way you want to be represented.)

Mike Lawson performs with The Vir – Give a listen


Matt Johns (University of Texas at Dallas) – Give a listen

Michal Jones (UC Berkeley) – Give a listen


Jazz Espiritu (Seattle University) – Give a listen


Rei Haycraft (Elon University) is the lead singer in Raimee – Give a listen


Ryan Aiello (Pacific University) performs with Ill Lucid Onset! – Give a listen


Tim Butler (Philadelphia Unviersity) – Give a listen


John W. Rawlins III (Johns Hopkins Universitity) – Give a listen


Joe Lowder (Florida State Unviersity) performs with The Flip Flop Boys – Give a listen


Leah Shelton (University of Washington, Bothell) performs with Better Day – Give a listen


Frank Tierney (University at Buffalo) reforms with Monday Night Mistake – Give a listen


Images: Bass Guitar by Feliciano Guimarães

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