Half A Million Reasons To Be Thankful… Thank YOU!

I have many many reasons to be thankful this Thanksgiving, but one of the many thanks I have to share is a thank you to the readers of this blog.  It’s thanks to your feedback and encouragement that my blog is approaching 500,000 views.  If trends continue as they have, it will likely hit this half a million mark before the end of the calendar year.  When I started blogging in 2012, I never expected to reach or impact this type of audience.  It’s been pretty incredible and humbling.  (And that is not a humblebrag, I swear!)

I have always used blogging as a means or practicing my writing, putting out ideas for feedback, and for sharing my research and work.  (Along with an opportunity to provide folks a little comic relief.)  I’ve achieved these outcomes and many others that I never expected.  Blogging has allowed me to connect with many new amazing professionals, both online and off, and advance knowledge creation in my area of passion: digital and social technology and its impact on the college student experience.  I consider it an immense privilege to have you join me in this journey.

In addition to the readers of this blog, I’d also like to send half a million thanks to those of you who follow my work on SlideShare as well.  Having not one, but two content platforms hit 500,000 views is pretty incredible.  Here’s to the next half million!


2 thoughts on “Half A Million Reasons To Be Thankful… Thank YOU!

  1. Not looking for shortcuts, just wisdom. How does a blogger get to a level of views and community engagement like this? 10 years to overnight success?

    1. Well, it did have something to do with my humorous posts. Some of those achieved over 2ok views. With that came the “rising tides lift all boats” phenomenon.
      I also started blogging every weekday (more or less). Volume helps.
      Posting to social media is another key. Watch where your traffic comes from most and that will give you clues as to where you need to share.

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