Seeking Submissions for an #SATBT Book!


Hello Friends… Do you want to contribute to a new book?

After doing the #SATBT series on my blog, I was delighted with the wonderful stories shared and have received great feedback from others about how much they enjoyed reading them.  It inspired me to think about collecting these into a print-on-demand paper book!  The purpose of the #SATBT series is for mid and senior level professionals (defined as 5 years of professional experience or more, excluding graduate assistantships) to share inspiring stories and lessons learned from their first jobs.  I intend to sell this book at cost, so there will be no profit in it for me.  This will also make it affordable and make it a great gift for graduating students, new professionals, and experienced professionals alike.

As the project evolved, I began to realize that the narratives that had the most resonance were those that included a story and with one or two strong lessons/takeaways.  (If you look at the examples, they conform to this formula to varying degrees.)  I have clarified the question prompt to be:

What is the most important lesson that you took away from your first position in student affairs?
Tell us your story of how you learned this lesson.

Submissions are short (one half to one single-spaced page) and by submitting, you will be contributing to something that can inspire the profession and educators at all levels.  If you’re willing to participate, please fill out the following Google Form.  I will keep you updated on progress via email.  I have no clue if I will even get enough submissions, but I’m going to try.  (I’m aiming for 52… one for each week of the year.)  At the very least, your submission can be shared on my blog.  (You decide: book or blog, or both)

Click here to go to the submission form!

Thanks for all your help and support!  I hope you consider contributing!

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