20 GREAT Sites For Free Stock Images

As visuals become more and more important to the way we communicate, finding great images is critical to communicating your message.

There are a number of websites I use when putting together presentations and finding photographs for my website.  If I have very specific needs, I use the pay-per-download stock image site, shutterstock.com.  The benefit of sites like these is that the photos were often created specifically to be used as stock.  This means that if you’re looking for someone with a specific pose, or for a very exact concept, you are far more likely to find it.  You can also more easily find images from the same “family,” meaning that if you need multiple images with the same look and feel, you can often find them in a series.

CamJIC-Practices-CC0If my needs aren’t so specific, or perhaps I just have more time to search around, there are a number of free sites I use fairly regularly.  In this case, I try to find sites that include pictures that are in the public domain.  The “CC0” license denotes that the content creator has designated the image as “no rights reserved.”  This means that the images can be used, changed, modified, and monetized in any way you want.  You don’t even need to provide an attribution.  Regular public domain images can also be used in this way, but because the content creator is unknown or long since gone, it is harder to determine exact public domain status.

If you’re looking for free-to-use high quality images, the following are a number of my “go to.” sites.  Almost all of these provide public domain/CC0 licensed images.  Some sites are easier to use (with a search feature) and others are just posting of pictures (which requires more scrolling and hunting).  Take a look:

Personal Favorite: StockSnap.io


Runner Up: Negative Space



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