SPOTLIGHT: Use Hashtracking for Quick Tweet Analytics

If you establish a hashtag for a campaign or program at your university, you’ll want to know how it’s used and what people say, right?  Enter “Hachtracking.”  This web tool does exactly what its name suggests, track the analytics of a hashtag.  This can be tremendously useful for assessment efforts and to gauge the success of your social media efforts.  It isn’t just limited to hashtags you “create” but you can also used it to understand how students are using common hashtags around campus.  I’ve used it on a number of occasions and found… Read More

SPOTLIGHT: Twitter Walls For Use During Events

If you’re hosting an event or conference, you may want to display live tweets with a specific hashtag for all attendees to see.  There are a number of high quality paid options out there, but also some that are free.  Below you’ll find some examples of “twitter walls” that I’ve had various success with using.  Thank about incorporating it into orientation or perhaps a student conference. Twitter Fontana Twitterfall Visible Tweets tweetwally   And free-ish… TweetBeam This is a post from my ongoing effort every Wednesday to highlight apps, web services, and vendors that may be of… Read More

3 Things Every New Digital #SAgrad Should Do 2014

So you’ve recently started your journey towards a Master’s degree in Higher Education and Student Affairs.  CONGRATULATIONS!  As an instructor in one of these programs, one of the topics I like to review with my students is how they can begin to network and gain valuable professional development… digitally… and often for free.  Going digital really isn’t an option anymore, and with that in mind I wanted to give your three tips that can start you on your way: 1.  Follow ACPA/NAPSA on all social media channels As the two main professional… Read More

I need your help! …to crowdsource a #StudentAffairs and #HigherEd resource…

Are you bored this 4th of July week, desperately counting down the days until vacation? I’ve got a distraction for you. I need… we need… your help!  I was searching for a solid list of professional associations in the student affairs/higher education field for my students and couldn’t find one.  The field is vast, always changing, and I certainly don’t know everything, so I thought, “Perhaps if I crowdsource this, I can draw on the collective wisdom of other professionals to create a resource not just for my students, but for everyone.”… Read More