I need your help! …to crowdsource a #StudentAffairs and #HigherEd resource…

Are you bored this 4th of July week, desperately counting down the days until vacation?

I’ve got a distraction for you.

I need… we need… your help!  I was searching for a solid list of professional associations in the student affairs/higher education field for my students and couldn’t find one.  The field is vast, always changing, and I certainly don’t know everything, so I thought, “Perhaps if I crowdsource this, I can draw on the collective wisdom of other professionals to create a resource not just for my students, but for everyone.”  While I was at it, I also thought that some other lists about blogs, hashtags and other resources might be useful.  So I created a page at an easy to remember web address (www.studentaffairsresources.com) to create a space for others to find, use and add resources to.

So help us out!

Go to the page below.  If you have a resource to add to the list, please do!  Your feedback is always appreciated and if there is a topic or link you think I should add, let me know!


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