The Time JetBlue Gave Me Free Terra Blue Potato Chips For a Year

So this is how it started… I came across this article describing some social media craziness involving a man in the UK, who parlayed a rivalry between two mobile phone companies into the offer of free pizza for a year. So of course, knowing my relationship with JetBlue, I decided to be a bit funny and tweet… I'm hungry, @JetBlue ;)~"British man starts Twitter spat between phone companies, gets free pizza for a year" — Paul Brown (@paulgordonbrown) August 11, 2015 Well, instead of just a “favorite” or a smiley face… I… Read More

The Time JetBlue Accepted My Virtual ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Who says you can’t use social media for social good? I’m sure you’re familiar with the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge by now.  Wanting to challenge my JetBlue Twitter friends, I decided to do it with a twist.  The VIRTUAL ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.  It started with this: I virtual #IceBucketChallenge challenge you @JetBlue — Paul Brown (@paulgordonbrown) August 19, 2014