The Time JetBlue Gave Me Free Terra Blue Potato Chips For a Year

So this is how it started…

I came across this article describing some social media craziness involving a man in the UK, who parlayed a rivalry between two mobile phone companies into the offer of free pizza for a year.

So of course, knowing my relationship with JetBlue, I decided to be a bit funny and tweet…

Well, instead of just a “favorite” or a smiley face… I got this…

Uh oh… the JetBlue social media team is up to shenanigans again!  For the next two days I had paranoia that a pizza delivery person could jump out from behind a building and accost me with showers of pizza boxes at any time (not that I would complain mind you).  Well a few days passed… and this arrived at my door.


Hmmm… what could it be this time… and I open it…


Haha… and there it is.  Free “blue chips” for a year. 😉  Smooth move JetBlue… I see you’ve upped the ante… it’s time for me to plot my revenge!

PS- My mom had never had blue chips before… in her own words… “delicious.”  Which is good… because I can send her as many as she wants. 😉


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