2019: A Look Back On My Travels This Year

2019 was another record-breaking year for my travels in a number of ways. I had the most flights I’ve ever had, squeaking across the finish line at 119 flights (one more than my previous record of 118 in 2017). I traveled further in distance flown than I ever have (thanks in large part to my trip to Hong Kong and Singapore). And I flew in first class more frequently than any other year (again thanks to my heavy travel resulting in status-earned upgrades. And in hotels, I’ve achieved Marriott Titanium status for… Read More

My Photographic Ode To JetBlue

I’ve traveled JetBlue a LOT. As a result, I’ve ended up with quite a few AvGeek-y photos from out travels together. I’ve put together some of my favs…

Through the Lens of an iPhone: JetBlue

Many people know of my bromance with JetBlue. Since I fly them so frequently, I’ve had the opportunity to take a number of photos at the airports, of the planes, and out the window. Below are my photos celebrating all that is JetBlue. See also: Through the Lens of an iPhone: TWA Flight Center

The Time I Sent JetBlue A 5-Pound Bag Of Blue Gummy Bears

The Holidays are a time for giving gifts to your special friends and loved ones.  So, of course, when your friends and loved ones happen to be the social media team and staff at JetBlue, you send them blue gummy bears.  5-pound bags of blue gummy bears and the world’s largest  blue gummy bear (also 5-pounds), to be exact. To all my friends in Salt Lake and Long Island City, thanks for making this year a special one.  Here’s to exciting travels and adventures in 2016!

The Time I Flew on JetBlue Mint

Okay… Okay… We all know I’m JetBlue obsessed.  Well, for the first time, I’m flying in JetBlue’s “Mint” cabin… their answer to first class… from JFK to LAX.  I thought I’d share my experience so you can travel along with me.  Not familiar with Mint?  This video should help: