The Time JetBlue Treated Me to Starbucks

(UPDATE: JetBlue also gave me a very special Valentine’s Day gift.) 🙂

photoFor those of you that know me, you know I love the airline JetBlue and I fly them a lot.  I’ve even achieved “Mosaic status,” JetBlue’s designation for frequent frequent fliers.  During one of my most recent trips, however, I was reminded just why I love them so much!

I was flying out of Boston’s Logan airport on my way to Washington, DC.  For those of you unfamiliar with JetBlue’s terminal in Boston, there are two gate areas.  The main portion of the terminal houses most of the gates, but there is a small wing at the front of the terminal that houses 3-4 gates, separated by it’s own TSA security area.  Because this gate area is so small, it doesn’t have many restaurant options past security.  Tonight I was flying out of one of the gates in this smaller wing.  Ugh!  When I realized this, I was disappointed.  I had a long day and was really looking forward to getting a Starbucks coffee.  While the main portion of the terminal has two Starbucks, this small wing has none.

Playfully, I tweeted JetBlue the following:

JetBlue, always on the ball when responding to tweets, replied:

Cute, right?  Well it gets better…

photo 2My flight was delayed, but the JetBlue gate agent was able to squeeze me onto an earlier flight.  Shortly after getting seated, I heard over the airplane’s loud speaker, “Can passenger Paul Brown please press the flight attendant call button?”

Sure enough, a JetBlue employee arrived with a venti Mocha from Starbucks!  Written on the cup sleeve was “Mr. Brown.  Enjoy your flight!”  They even bought me some mints “for afterwards.”

How’s that for customer service?! 😉

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