The Time I Interviewed For A Job At JetBlue

So it happened.  A little over a year ago.  I had a couple of on-site interviews for a job at JetBlue.  Given my intense love of JetBlue and my well known relationship with the airline as a customer, I decided against sharing it widely at the time, but it was a learning experience and one that I knew I would ultimately want to share.  Can you really say you’re surprised? 🙂 JetBlue recently announced a program that will help some of its crew members attain college degrees.  The job for which I interviewed… Read More

The Time I Sent JetBlue A 5-Pound Bag Of Blue Gummy Bears

The Holidays are a time for giving gifts to your special friends and loved ones.  So, of course, when your friends and loved ones happen to be the social media team and staff at JetBlue, you send them blue gummy bears.  5-pound bags of blue gummy bears and the world’s largest  blue gummy bear (also 5-pounds), to be exact. To all my friends in Salt Lake and Long Island City, thanks for making this year a special one.  Here’s to exciting travels and adventures in 2016!

The Time I Flew on JetBlue Mint

Okay… Okay… We all know I’m JetBlue obsessed.  Well, for the first time, I’m flying in JetBlue’s “Mint” cabin… their answer to first class… from JFK to LAX.  I thought I’d share my experience so you can travel along with me.  Not familiar with Mint?  This video should help:

The Time JetBlue Gave Me Free Terra Blue Potato Chips For a Year

So this is how it started… I came across this article describing some social media craziness involving a man in the UK, who parlayed a rivalry between two mobile phone companies into the offer of free pizza for a year. So of course, knowing my relationship with JetBlue, I decided to be a bit funny and tweet… I'm hungry, @JetBlue ;)~"British man starts Twitter spat between phone companies, gets free pizza for a year" — Paul Brown (@paulgordonbrown) August 11, 2015 Well, instead of just a “favorite” or a smiley face… I… Read More

The Time I Visited JetBlue Headquarters

As my friend Keith said, “The circle completes itself.” When I started traveling and interacting with JetBlue on Twitter, I never intended nor thought my journey would take me here… and yet, nevertheless, this week had me heading to JetBlue’s Long Island City headquarters to present to the crew members of JetBlue.  I had the opportunity to tell my story and present on my experiences being a loyal customer. If you’ve followed my journey with JetBlue, you know that it’s been a bit “unconventional.”  What started with a simple tweet became something so much more.  As… Read More