The Time JetBlue Gave Me A Special Valentine’s Day Gift

This is a story of one man’s love affair with an airline and how, on one special Valentine’s Day, they exchanged two special gifts.


I fly JetBlue a lot and often tweet them here or there to ask a question, express an opinion, or just share them in a mention to my followers.  Anyone who’s followed JetBlue knows that they are highly regarded for their social media engagement and they’ve never disappointed me.  Much like the movie, Her, some of my friends have begun to question if our relationship is “unhealthy.”  Others have just become jealous of our self-described “bromance:”

In any event, we always have a playful exchange.  Sometimes they help me out when I’m rushing through the airport:


And I return the favor by looking out for them:


One time they even hand delivered Starbucks to me on the plane.  (It’s a great story.  Check it out here.)  And I returned the favor:


And sometimes we just exchange jokes:


So this Valentines Day, I decided to send them a little extra love.  I thought up a couple of rhymes and then put my graphic design skills to work to tweet them a special Valentine (and yes, I know there’s a typo… oy 😉 ):

And what I got in response was nothing short of epic:

This is where the story requires a little bit of explanation.  JetBlue runs a “badges game” as a part of their TrueBlue frequent flyer program.  Much like on Foursquare or in online games, you can collect badges for achievements.  In this case you get badges for visiting cities, doing business with one of their partners, or by sharing your achievements via social media.  There are leaderboards between you and your friends and you even “level up” as you collect more badges.  Well, on this Valentine’s Day, the JetBlue team created a special badge just for me:

Special Badge

JetBlue replied, “We thought you might like that… It’s a one of a kind badge that no one else gets without our say-so!”  How’s that for going the extra mile for your customers?  Much like our initials, we go together like PB&J.  Now I think that is a pretty special Valentine.  I guess it’s time for me to plot my next move…

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