The Time I Flew on JetBlue Mint

Okay… Okay… We all know I’m JetBlue obsessed.  Well, for the first time, I’m flying in JetBlue’s “Mint” cabin… their answer to first class… from JFK to LAX.  I thought I’d share my experience so you can travel along with me.  Not familiar with Mint?  This video should help:

Waiting for the flight, I was lucky enough to have the gate right next door to the newly opened T5 Rooftop lounge.  It’s a great space and it also happened to be an amazing day out.  If I had been hungry, you can bet that I’d hit up the hot dog stand and the Blue Marble ice cream cart.  It just screams summer.


So it’s time to board!  I’m seated in 2F, a private suite all to myself.  Here goes…


Waiting at my seat, I was greeted by a surprisingly puffy pillow and blanket (more like a light comforter) and a welcome note from the inflight crew.

IMG_1848My suite had three electrical outlets.  A bit excessive, no?  But I’ll take them. 😉


The seat… Full lie down… Massage feature… Lombard support….


Then came the aforementioned cocktail… honey-infused limeade with fresh mint… which was really good. So much so that I was ready for two. (I’m concerned this trip has the potential to turn real boozy real fast. Lol)

And the private suite door….

IMG_1847Hidden cubby under the reading light for water… and a great little smartphone-sized pocket.


A free amenity kit from Brichbox with all sorts of hipster-y goodness.

IMG_1856The unfortunate thing is the TVs weren’t working on the flight. 18 inches of blue screen. :/ As long as the free wifi doesn’t go down, everything will be okay.  To JetBlue’s credit (pun intended), they issue small refunds for non-working TVs.  Through the power of the Twitter, I got the credit even before I landed. 😉

Next up, food inspired by Saxon + Parole in the East Village….

IMG_1845Wine pairings and other various drink options…


Sparkling wine always. 🙂  Oh, and the appetizer was portobello mushroom mousse… which made me want to close my suite door and quietly lick the bowl.  Best thing I had on the whole flight.

IMG_1844Next up the food options…


I went with the black angus burger, burrata cheese ravioli, and chilled corn soup.  I really wanted the soup to be the winner, but it was the burger, surprisingly.

IIMG_1858 realized I couldn’t find my earbuds… they are around here somewhere… so when I asked for a pair, I was provided with these hand-built lovelies from Grado Labs.


Dessert… The cappuccino was quite good… albeit a bit small.  I’m used to far bigger coffee drinks on my JetBlue flights. 😉

IMG_1861Pantry options for later… Remind me to keep an eye on Dustin, he’s very eager to clear everything… I wasn’t done with that champagne, gurl. 😉  Bring it back.

Not gonna lie. I was enraptured for all 50 seconds of “anatomy of a plate.”

A little parting gift from the bakery.

And arrival in LA!

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