JUST PUBLISHED: “Remixing Leadership Practices with Emerging Technologies” in “Going Digital in Student Leadership”

  I'm excited to share that I have a new chapter out in the most recent volume of New Directions in Student Leadership entitled, Going Digital in Student Leadership. The chapter I co-authored with Dr. Ed Cabellon, titled "Remixing Leadership Practices with Emerging Technologies," presents an overview of the historical trends in and the current state of technology in... Continue Reading →

Presenting at LEAD365 2016 Today…

For the second year, I'm pleased to be a member of the faculty for the Lead365 Conference. Lead365is an organization that promotes student leadership development and offers a yearly conference for students and staff alike to learn the latest leadership research and best practices. I am presenting three times at this year's conference. Once for professional staff,... Continue Reading →

Creating Digital College Student Citizens Versus Leaders

I recently came across this graphic posted on TeachThought which comes from the minds of Sylvia Duckworth and Jennifer Casa-Todd (blog).  The graphic highlights the distinction between two concepts: Digital Citizenship: Being a good neighbor and responsible ethical partner on the internet and Digital Leadership: Using the internet and social media tools to influence change and improve society Both concepts... Continue Reading →

Presenting at the LEAD365 2015 Conference Today…

I'm grateful to be joining the faculty of the LEAD365 Conference today to present to some exception student leaders and leadership educators.  Designed for undergraduates, graduate students and professionals, Lead365 is committed to preparing collegiate leaders to effectively serve, producing individuals well-equipped for the work force, and inspiring service to humanity. So what am I... Continue Reading →

“Here’s The Story, of a Lovely Lady”: Leadership Lessons from the Brady Bunch [REBLOG]


I grew up with the Brady Bunch on re-runs after school, so for me, this article from the LEAD365 blog is the bees knees.  As greg might day, it’s FAR OUT!
If you aren’t familiar with LEAD365, you should check out their blog and their national conference.  It includes an amazing slate of speakers and thought leaders.  I was humbled… honored.. pleased… to be asked to be one of the contributing faculty members to it this fall.

The Official Blog of the Lead365 National Conference

Here’s the Story of a Lovely Lady – Leadership Lessons via The Brady Bunch

No, you aren’t crazy, the title DOES say, “Leadership Lessons via the Brady Bunch”. On Hulu, you can now watch The Brady Bunch in its entirety. You may have watched this show when you were a kid, I know I did. What I didn’t realize is that I really did see every episode back then and it has been wonderful reliving some of those moments all of these years later.

“Mom always says don’t play ball in the house!”

“Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!”

So what does a family sitcom that originally aired in 1967 and ran until 1974 (with lots of air time on channels like Nickelodeon in the 90s) have to do with leadership? Teamwork and team psychology most readily come to mind as far as leadership lessons go when I think about Tthe Brady Bunch

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Presenting at UCLA Today…

I'm #superexcited to be presenting to the residential student leaders at UCLA today about living life to the fullest and the amazing thinks that happen when you're bold online and in your social media life. In my experience, a vast majority of people do not contribute or engage in ways that leverage the immense hidden power of... Continue Reading →

Humbled to be joining the LEAD365 Team!

I'm excited to announce that I'm Joining the faculty of the Lead365 National Conference!  I'm incredibly humbled to be working with a team that includes many of my treasured colleagues, mentors and friends as well as speakers I have admired for years. As Lead365 describes itself: "Lead365 is the sponsoring organization of the Lead365 National Conference... Continue Reading →

Have You Made Yourself Clear? Leadership Lessons from Amelia Bedelia [REBLOG]

To say that I adored Amelia Bedilia growing up is an understatement.  The folks over at LEAD365 put together this cute little post on the leadership lessons you can takeway from this timeless childhood classic.

The Official Blog of the Lead365 National Conference

As an early reader, I was constantly devouring books, taking special note of the ones that made me laugh and the ones that made me think. One of my early favorites? Amelia Bedelia. For those unfamiliar, the Amelia Bedelia book series was written by Peggy Parish as a a way to explain idioms and figurative language to kids. For example, when asked to make a sponge cake…she includes real sponges. When asked to draw the drapes, her boss returns to a picture of the windows, drapes still wide open. The bumbling housekeeper was endearing and hardworking, but never seemed to understand precisely what she should be doing. As I moved into a role where I got to call the shots, I realized that Amelia Bedelia and her misunderstandings are far more common than we could ever imagine. So how do you, as a leader or supervisor of students, ensure that…

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Leadership Lessons from…Curious George [REBLOG]

I always loved Curious George growing up… and this article from my friends at LEAD365 helps shed some light on why. In many ways, it reminds me of Steve Jobs’ famous quote to always “Stay hungry… stay foolish.”  Taking delight and surprise in the world around me is what keeps me motivated.  It’s something that I never hope I lose.  Forever curious, George…

The Official Blog of the Lead365 National Conference

Yes, that one. The one you’re thinking of. Although it may not seem wise to follow the example of the monkey that ate enough of a puzzle to get sent to the ER, it might surprise you to realize just how many admirable leadership qualities that this mischievous monkey truly possesses.

Why is Curious George a great model for leadership development?


He uses his resources. The first time I thought about Curious George as a model for creativity and leadership, it was while watching a Valentine’s Day episode. George realizes that he wants to make valentines for many of his neighborhood friends, but is running short on time. He explores the empty apartment for tools to help speed up his work- utilizing things like blocks and his tricycle- before finally settling on sponges and an unplugged waffle iron (see left).

When we’re in positions of leadership, we…

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SPOTLIGHT HigherEd #FollowFriday: @AnnMarieKlotz

Currently working at the New York Institute of Technology, Ann Marie has specialties in women's and gender studies, leadership, and social media.  She constantly tries to ask the unasked question and always has something interesting to say.  You can also follow her blog.  She also contributes to a group blog, Firestarters at NYIT, a "place for innovators, disruptors... Continue Reading →

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