Humbled to be joining the LEAD365 Team!

LEAD 365I’m excited to announce that I’m Joining the faculty of the Lead365 National Conference!  I’m incredibly humbled to be working with a team that includes many of my treasured colleagues, mentors and friends as well as speakers I have admired for years.

As Lead365 describes itself: “Lead365 is the sponsoring organization of the Lead365 National Conference and home of a growing “virtual warehouse” of resources focusing on collegiate leadership development.  Designed for undergraduates, graduate students and professionals, Lead365 is committed to preparing collegiate leaders to effectively serve, producing individuals well-equipped for the work force, and inspiring service to humanity.  Our top priority is the hosting of the annual Lead365 National Conference. This three-day conference is unlike any other.”

Interested in attending this year’s conference?  check out the brochure below which will give you more details about the conference and what to expect.  Jump on it! 😉

LEAD 365--Professional Development-4-1LEAD 365--Professional Development-4-2LEAD 365--Professional Development-4-3

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