5 Funny Videos To Use in Your RA Training Presentations

RA Training and residence hall opening is upon us and I wanted to share some videos I’ve used in training presentations that I think you might want to use too.  There are a lot of AMAZINGLY talented folks out there who have put together some great videos, but it’s hard to find the ones that are high quality and hit the right messages in the right ways.  Of course, almost any video can be used if processed in the right way–even if some of the messages are problematic.  Here are 5 videos I have had success using…

If you search for “Residence Hall Linebacker” you’ll find a lot of variations on this video.  The following one is a little bit old, but it’s still may favorite (good length, well done).  This video is an excellent way to start a conversation about the RA-as-policeman and what NOT to do.

This video comes from CollegeHumor.  When processed correctly, it’s a great way to talk about RA stereotypes and intentionality.  When we say these cliché phrases or do these cliché things, why do we do them?  Some of them may be for valid reasons and some may just be vacant.  This one’s great for a little bit of comic relief.

I use this video for returning RAs to talk about intentionality and why we have to do certain things.  What do they love about their jobs?  What don’t they like?  How can they create strong relationships with their supervisors?

A great video to begin talking about alcohol policies and lighten the mood.  It hits on all the right notes about the educative aspects of alcohol without making light of alcohol situations.  Perhaps the start of policy discussions in training?

A great pre-Behind Closed Doors video to help reduce anxiety around being on duty.

What videos would you add to this list?
What are your favorites?
Throw them in the comments.

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