#ACPA15 & #NASPA15 Presentation: Social Media Researchers Panel

At the 2015 ACPA and NASPA National Conventions, we’ve brought together a group of four researchers (1 newly minted doctor and three soon-to-be) who study social media and technology and their effects on college students.  In this panel, each researcher will present a brief overview of their work followed by a question and answer session.  Come learn about our work, our research process and where we think the future of social media and technology scholarship is taking us. College Students and Digital Technology: Research, Outcomes, and Implications ACPA: Saturday, March 7 (5:00 PM – 6:00 PM) Tampa… Read More

SPOTLIGHT: U. Houston’s & Northwestern’s Athletics Scholarship Viral Videos

When you have exciting news to share with your students, do you stop to think “maybe we should tape this?”  A number of college athletics teams are capturing moments such as when they are able to offer their students scholarships.  Below are two examples of capturing these moments and sharing them with the internet.  What makes these special is their raw in-the-moment quality. Here Head Coach Tony Levine of the University of Houston surprises a Kyle Bullard and his mother wight he announcement of a full scholarship… all caught on hidden camera. Similar… Read More

Excited to be a part of the #ACPAdigital “Informed and Responsible Engagement Team”

Back in July, I was honored to be asked to serve on ACPA-College Student Educators International‘s Presidential Task Force on Digital Technology.  After meeting in person with many members of the team, I can say with confidence we’re on to something new, exciting and different.  In my role with this group, I co-chair the Informed and Responsible Engagement Team.  We recently posted about our work on the ACPA Digital Task Force website.  Check it out below: Introducing: The Informed and Responsible Engagement Team by Paul Gordon Brown and Laura Pasquini | As the student-facing team of ACPA’s Presidential… Read More