Excited to be a part of the #ACPAdigital “Informed and Responsible Engagement Team”

Back in July, I was honored to be asked to serve on ACPA-College Student Educators International‘s Presidential Task Force on Digital Technology.  After meeting in person with many members of the team, I can say with confidence we’re on to something new, exciting and different.  In my role with this group, I co-chair the Informed and Responsible Engagement Team.  We recently posted about our work on the ACPA Digital Task Force website.  Check it out below:

Introducing: The Informed and Responsible Engagement Team

by Paul Gordon Brown and Laura Pasquini |

As the student-facing team of ACPA’s Presidential Task Force on Digital Technology, we are excited to begin and share our work on informed and responsible engagement with social technology.  This small and mighty team consists of Paul Gordon BrownJason MeriwetherLaura Pasquini, and Erik Qualman.  As we begin our journey on this topic, we wanted to share more about what our goals and aims were as well as solicit input from you, and the community.

Our work is focused on educating students about their use of social and digital technologies.  To that end, our group will focus on how to effectively educate students on:

  1.     The new rules of social technology engagement.
  2.     Acting ethically and with civility in one’s online and offline life.
  3.     The opportunities and impact of social technology participation.

Although students are our main priority, we also recognize that educators need to be informed and skilled to engage students on this topic.  Therefore, our group will also focus on educating educators on these topics and how they can translate this knowledge into learning opportunities for their students.

There are a number of ways we are hoping to bring this to life.  One partnership we already have lined up is working with Erik Qualman, one of our Task Force members, in modifying his book, What Happens in Vegas Stays on YouTube, to more directly address a college student and college student educator audience.  We’re not stopping at just a book, however, but are also looking at ways of further the learning experience with the introduction of new media and elearning platforms into the process.

It is our hope that our work will be a valuable resource for many professionals but we also recognize there may be some issues and areas that have very specific needs and situations.  As of right now we’ve discussed including special modules around cyber-bullying, privacy, civility, cyberstalking, athletics, greek life,  student leadership, study abroad and international contexts.

What are your thoughts?  Is there an area that you believe warrants special attention?  Tweet PaulLaura, or Jason and let us know!

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