Have you Registered Yet? I’m Proud to be Keynoting the ACPA Residential Curriculum Institute!

I’m excited to share that I will be one of the keynote speakers at the 2014 ACPA Residential Curriculum Institute alongside Karen Inkleas (of leaving learning program research fame) and Patty Perrillo (ACPA Past President).  As one of the premier and most popular Institutes ACPA offers, the Residential Curriculum Institute (RCI) provides participants a step-by-step process for utilizing this innovative learning-centered approach to creating educational environments in college residence halls (and in student affairs divisions in general).  I have served on the faculty of the Institute for two years now and was also a participant in the past.  I can attest to how this approach “works” and can enhance the learning of your students.

Specifically I’ll be speaking on the following topic:

The Opportunities and Challenges of a Social Residential Curriculum

You’ve gone “beyond the program” in developing your residential curriculum, but have you gone “beyond advertising” in your social media presence? Social media provides residential educators with the opportunity to engage residents in the learning process in unique ways. This presentation will cover some of the pitfalls of engaging on social media with residence hall students, and how to avoid them, but also how to leverage social media platforms to develop lesson plans and opportunities to engage with residents towards constructing developmental outcomes.

If you haven’t registered yet, Early Bird registration goes through September 19.  A great opportunity to lock in this professional development at a lower cost!

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