Stupid Resume Advice [REBLOG]


Once a month I re-blog a post that I find interesting and want to highlight.  This post comes from Patrick Love.  It’s a great reminder for the experienced job searcher and a great crash course for the new one.  It has some not-so-standard advice you might hear about your resume.

Originally posted on Patrick Love’s Life:

I love writing resumes. I love helping people write resumes. I love the fact that we are challenged to be creative and distinctive within an exceptionally constrained format. Not surprisingly then, I have thought a lot about resumes and I am sharing this post to offer advice about five things that have bugged me about conventional resume advice throughout my career both as a grad program faculty and as an upper level administrator who has read thousands of resumes and hired scores of people. You, the reader, can determine for yourself which advice is stupid: the advice I am giving or the advice that emerges from conventional wisdom.

Anyway, here is my stupid advice:

  1. A Resume Should be as Long as it Needs to be

Many career services professionals still give the advice that a resume for a recent grad (undergrad or grad) should…

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