“Go Digital In Your Job Search” Webinar on February 26 #SAsearch

Go Digital in your Job search.003I’m excited to be collaborating with Josie Ahlquist on an upcoming Studentaffairs.com webinar, Go Digital In Your Job Search.  This webinar is a mash-up of the knowledge Josie and I have acquired over the past few years doing sessions like these at conferences and to graduate programs.  It’s exciting to see what we have coming together when we combine forces.

We’re still tweaking the language of the exact goals and outcomes, but the slide to the left should give you a sense as to what to expect.  The webinar is ideal for anyone doing a job search, but also for schools who may be conducting searches.  For those conducting searches, by understanding how candidates are using social and digital technologies in their search, you may in turn figure out how best to recruit and vet them.

The webinar does come at a cost, a relatively modest $98.  It could make a great purchase for your student affairs/higher education graduate student organization or for your department.  Registration is here.

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