SPOTLIGHT: The Guy With The Wand Who Got Fired Because Of A Facebook Post

Can Facebook get you fired?  You bet it can.

This is the story of Kevin Colvin, a bank intern.  Kevin needed to “go out of town” suddenly and sent his boss the following email:


Well, the “something that came up at home” was actually just a party that Kevin wanted to attend.  He posted photos of the party:


Kevin’s boss found the photos, and well, let’s say it didn’t end well.  His boss responded with the following email:


Kevin was ultimately fired from his position as a result of lying to his bosses.  His story has become a legend on the internet for poor choices.

Take-Away:  Nothing is ever truly private.  If you don’t want someone to find something out, certainly don’t post it anywhere to social media… regardless of your privacy settings.  Also remember, even though you may not share something, someone else may.  Above all else: act with integrity.

past-spotlightsThis is a post from my ongoing effort to highlight the consequences of poor social media choices by college students.  This is not an attempt to shame anyone, but to help us learn from the mistakes of others.  Have an example to share?  Tweet me.

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