8 PechaKucha Video Talks From #SAgrads and Future Student Affairs Professionals

This past semester while teaching in Merrimack College’s Higher Education Program, I played around with a new assignment for my students.  Instead of the standard end-of-the-year “lessons learned” presentation in my practicum class, I had my students do it in a PechaKucha-style format.  As you may remember, PechaKucha is 20 slides set to automatically advance every 20 seconds resulting in a presentation that lasts 6 minutes and forty seconds.

At first I was skeptical of assigning my students such a difficult presentation style, some of whom have not had extensive presentation experience, but they all rose to the challenge and exceeded my expectations.  Below are 8 students presenting their summary “lessons learned” in their graduate assistantships and coursework….

(Apologies for some of the audio/video quality on these!  I was learning!)

“How I Became Superman” by Nick Frias

“What I Learned from Ms. Frizzle and the Magic School Bus” by Melody Smith

“Why I Almost Quit Graduate School” by Train Wu

“Star Wars Episode VI 1/2: Creative Sanctioning” by Ben Woupio

“What I Learned” by Brian Dixon

“What I Learned in Boating (Graduate) School” by Collin McQuade

“Lessons Learned” by Laurel Kazanjian

“My Journey” by Fang Li

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