Examples of #SAgrad Online Professional Portfolios

In the practicum course I taught in the Merrimack College Higher Education program this semester, I had the students experiment with the creation of online portfolios.  Online portfolios can be an excellent opportunity to promote reflective practice as well as give students a leg up in the job search.  They can follow you throughout your career and be an excellent public space to archive your thoughts and achievements.  The assignment I gave to the students, as outlined in the syllabus, read:

Students will create a reflective online portfolio of their fellowship and overall experiences in the Higher Education program. To create these portfolios, we will be using WordPress. The last hour of each class session will be dedicated to teaching you the basics of WordPress and workshopping your portfolios.

At a minimum, your portfolio must include the following sections: (1) About Me, (2) Professional Philosophy, (3) Resume, (4) Professional Development, (5) Capstone, (6) Professional Competencies (Reflection and Artifacts).

Below you will find a number of links to these portfolios.  Perhaps it’s something that you’d like to try?

Casey Chapman


Train Wu


Melody Smith


Nicholas Frias


Ben Woupio


Laurel Kazanjian


Brian Dixon


Cover photo by Kasaa.

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