11 Deliciously Retro Student Affairs Book Covers To Make Fun Of

Last Fall, ACPA released an EXCELLENT website that walks through a history of student affairs and college student educator practice as told through the seminal publications of the Association.  If you haven’t had a chance to take a look, I encourage you to scroll through them.  In many cases you can click to see their full text.

In addition to this excellent contribution to our history, the timeline also displays some of the most DELICIOUSLY RETRO publication covers from our past.  We’ve come a long way.  Here are a few of my favorites (with commentary).

1956-1I feel as though in the forties and fifties all they did was add “o-gram.” to everything.  Did they also sing a song to you when it was delivered?  It’s amazing to me how the most respected journal in Students Affairs, The Journal of College Student Development, started off with this intensely un-scholarly sounding name.


These are the angriest group of hippies I think I’ve ever seen.


I feel like this needs a caption of some sort.  Like maybe, “Despite her migraine, Shirley just wanted her faculty advisor to sign off on her schedule so she could take Pottery and Macrame II.”


Although I’m all for inclusion, the one-armed man looks creepy in this cover.  Additionally, what is with the scary head sketch followed by the happy pointing running couple.  I’m not sure what this all means, but I think if I can figure it out I will have cracked the secret to the perfect residence hall program.

1975 Sheeley

Nothing here really, but apparently ACPA was really hard up for clipart and decided to use the running pointing people again.

1975 Greenwood

Because nothing screams “professional publication” like a hand-drawn maze with stick people…


Apparently making yourself at home also includes a bottle of Courvoisier and two tumbler glasses on your desk.

1983 Reynolds

Some questions have been with us since the beginning of the profession.

1984 Schuh

This book looks like it contains magical secrets.  I half expect there to be a small hand drawn Merlin in the corner waving a magic wand.  The old ACPA star logos are a nice touch.

1987 Schuh

I realize it’s hard to represent all student groups through abstract logos… but an atom, a planet and a cow?  This seems to be a bit of a stretch.


“Hal… close the residence hall doors…”
“You know I can’t do that, Dave.”

Have your own captions? Sound off below…


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