25 Ways You Know You Are Dating a Student Affairs Professional* [REBLOG]

Originally posted on Dances with Dissonance:
*This includes graduate students as well. Don’t get it twisted – your assistantship is 20 hours a week and you’re doing student affairs work with real, live students; hence you are a professional in my opinion. Have you ever been on a date and realized you’ve done one of the following? Or perhaps you’ve been on a date with someone in Student Affairs and always thought something seemed off about them. Well here’s a list of the top ways you know you’re on a date with…

Social Media: The Musicals!

Every wonder what your favorite social networks looked like if they were translated into musicals?  Probably not, but they exist anyways.  Here are a few fun, funny and catchy musical numbers about Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr.. and as a bonus… Google.

Keep Calm… It’s Only Student Affairs… Do An Icebreaker…

I feel as though we need our now set of “keep calm” memes… don’t you?

Chickering’s Vectors Illustrated With Cat Pictures

This is what happens when I get bored and procrastinate…

FERPA Chips: You Can Neither Confirm Nor Deny That You Ate Just One

Fine Print:  The original FERPA Chip recipe was developed by James Buckley in 1974 – but has been updated according to changing consumer tastes over multiple years.  FERPA Chips utilize only Grade [redacted] potatoes (grades cannot be disclosed for FERPA Chips).  FERPA Chips may or may not contain salt.  FERPA Chips may or may not contain traces of nuts.  FERPA Chips may or may not have been found responsible for code violations.  Pricing and availability is considered directory information and can be found on the FERPA Chips website.  Also try out our… Read More