Exciting Goings On: Being a Part of the ACPA Digital Task Force 2.0


The following post originally appeared on the ACPA Digital Task Force Website.  I’m excited to announce that I will be a part of round 2 of this effort.  Specifically, I will be continuing my collaboration with Erik Qualman and others to develop educators guides and supplemental materials for the book to which we contributed, What Happens On Campus Stays On YouTube.  Find out more about this and some of the other exciting initiatives we have in store:

ACPA Digital Task Force 2.0

by Ed Cabellon, Bridgewater State University and Tony Doody, Rutgers University

A little over a year ago, Dr. Kent Porterfield tasked us with chairing a presidential task force on digital technology to explore multi-prong approach for educators to advance the application of digital technology in higher education informed by student affairs scholarship and practice. We focused our efforts on four areas: Proven Practices, Knowledge and Skills, Research and Scholarship, and Informed and Responsible Engagement with Social Technology (IREST). We convened our group at the 2015 ACPA Annual Convention in Tampa and discussed the goals of the task force moving forward. Our initial report was submitted to the ACPA Board of Governors in April 2015 and was voted on and approved in May 2015.

As Dr. Gavin Henning assumes the ACPA presidency, the following three items will encompass the Digital Task Force’s efforts in the coming year:

1. An Integrated Digital Dissemination Platform – We have a strong desire to help ACPA to evolve its current digital communication infrastructure to provide a cutting-edge delivery platform for research, case studies, videos, webinars, visuals, discussion boards, etc. that ties together all of the educational content the association currently has in multiple formats and locations. We have been asked to create functional specifications and a business plan for such an endeavor by the 2016 July Leadership meeting for Governing Board consideration.

2. Development of Facilitator Materials for “What Happens on Campus Stays on YouTube” – Paul Brown, Laura Pasquini, Jason Meriwether, and Courtney O’Connell will build upon their excellent work with Erik Qualman this past year, and create comprehensive materials that will provide student affairs educators the necessary tools to teach digital identity topics for students.

3. Competency Education Development – Informed by our findings in the task force report, we will implement a plan for development of resources to educate faculty and staff regarding how technology can be used to foster student learning and development. This plan would include identification of each type of resource, what is needed to develop each, and a timeline for completion. This work will support an intentional education and application approach to the newly recommended technology competency.

Finally, we have expressed the importance of integrating technology at the highest levels of decision-making and that representatives be fluent across a broad-range of digital competencies help inform implementation of task force recommendations and overall association strategy. Given this, various members of the task force will additionally serve as Digital Technology Advisors to the ACPA Governing Board to ensure these action items are completed to compliment and support the Board’s future endeavors.

If you or someone you know is interested in getting involved in these endeavors, please email us and let us know what you are most interested in!

We are proud of the work the ACPA Digital Task Force completed this year and look forward to moving forward and actualizing the recommendations.

What are your thoughts on these three items? Do you have any initial suggestions or ideas for us moving forward?

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