SPOTLIGHT: Kickstarter-ing Undergraduate Research at William and Mary [REBLOG]

wmchiffre1I wanted to share this blog post from Adam Gismondi highlighting a previous effort from his alma mater (William & Mary) to use the Kickstarter crowdsourcing model to help fund undergraduate research.  It’s an excellent example a way of using social media and digital technology to help engage students, alumni, and the broader public.  Perhaps the most exciting aspect of the project is the ability for donors to see the direct results of their efforts.

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What do “social” web technologies look like in practice within higher education?  This is a question that I often see posed within both online conversations and at conference educational sessions, but rare is the tangible answer that follows.

Earlier this month, I was down at my alma mater, William & Mary, for the annual Charter Day Weekend festivities.  Each year, the College brings alums and current students together to celebrate the institution’s founding and honor distinguished alumni, and I was lucky enough to be down there representing the W&M Boston Alumni Chapter at the annual meetings.  It was at these meetings that I was introduced to an innovative practice currently being used that combines several elements of the college experience in a unique way.  Professor Joel Schwartz, Director of the Charles Center on campus, spoke about the Center’s Honors Fellows, students that apply for and receive special grants for research…

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