Presenting at University of Delaware Today…

University_of_Delaware_Wm.svgI have the privilege of sharing my time and space today with the staff and students at the University of Delaware.  There are two workshops I’ll be giving which are both revamped presentations with a lot of new content arising out of my research.  Hopefully you will find the information helpful as well.

In particular, one topic that has gained significant salience for me in the past couple months is the extent to which social media can impact and distort reality–ultimately impacting our behavior and self esteem.  The “pursuit of the like” is an interesting phenomenon that reveals the need for online validation.  This is both developmental as well as just an innately human desire.  You’ll see some of this present in the presentations below and I will be discussing it more in the coming months.

For the students of UD:

For the staff of UD:

Some further resources from today:

Videos from the presentations:

Some books that might be helpful:

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