How To Create A Successful LinkedIn Profile, In One Easy Graphic

LinkedIn is increasingly becoming an essential tool for maintaining professional relationships and networking.  When I taught a course on the higher education job search, I tried to find a simple, comprehensive guide to creating a successful LinkedIn profile.  There are a lot of them out there, but many are lacking in one area or another.  Well, my search is over and it comes in the form of the following graphic courtesy of the folks over at  This graphic is quite simply the best and most comprehensive I have found.  If I was still teaching my class, I would make setting up a LinkedIn profile a course requirement and assign this graphic as the accompanying guide.

If you haven’t set up a LinkedIn profile, or perhaps if you set one up long ago and have forgotten it, I encourage you to log in and get connected.  LinkedIn has come a long way since it first started and with the launch of their newly redesigned smart phone app, it’s become even more useful than ever before.  A LinkedIn profile is increasingly becoming a requirement for every working professional.


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