Just Published: “College Student Development in Digital Spaces” in “Engaging the Digital Generation”

I’m pleased to share that the new volume of New Directions for Student Services that I’ve been collaborating on for the past year is finally available online!  Engaging the Digital Generation, edited by Josie Ahlquist and Ed Cabellon, focuses on issues confronting college students and higher education professionals related to technology.  The chapters in this volume include:

Chapter 1: “A Historical Perspective on Student Affairs Professionals’ Use of Digital Technology”
by Cabellon, E. T., & Payne-Kirchmeier, J.

Chapter 2: “The Digital Identity of Student Affairs Professionals”
by Ahlquist, J.

Chapter 3: “A Strategic Necessity: Building Senior Leadership’s Fluency in Digital Technology”
by Kolomitz, K., & Cabellon, E. T.

Chapter 4: “College Student Development in Digital Spaces”
by Brown, P. G.

Chapter 5: “Student Engagement Through Digital Data”
by Gross, L., & Meriwether, J. L.

Chapter 6: “Setting the Course: Strategies for Writing Digital and Social Guidelines”
by Pasquini, L.

My own chapter, titled “College Student Development in Digital Spaces,” explores how digital and social technologies may be impacting the developmental journeys of traditionally aged college students.  It provides a broad overview of student use of social media and research into the impact of these technologies on the student experience.  Making the distinction between “digital identities,” something students must be educated on, and “digitized development,” what students must be guided through, this chapter is one of the first of its kind to discuss issues of developmental identity and concepts of selfhood in digital contexts.  It concludes with implications for practice and a call to action for how we can best help support this rising “digital generation.”

You can order the book directly from the publisher’s website.

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