Consider Donating On My Behalf, As a Diamond Honoree of ACPA!


I am super humbled and honored to be recognized by ACPA-College Student Educators International as a 2017 Diamond Honoree! The Diamond Honoree program is both a recognition program and a fundraising campaign that recognizes individuals for their contributions to higher education. Two of my colleagues and mentors, Dr. Sue Sanders and Dr. Bob Bonfiglio, nominated me for this award for which I was ultimately selected. They both wrote two wonderful letters in support of me which you can read here and here. Dr. Bob Bonfiglio, who was the Vice President of Student Affairs at SUNY Geneseo while I was an undergraduate there, had this to write:

I have known Paul Brown since his days as an undergraduate at SUNY Geneseo. In my letter of recommendation for his graduate school applications, I wrote that Paul was “one of the most impressive undergraduate students that I have worked with in my over twenty years in student development. When I learned that he was considering graduate work in our field I was quite pleased, as Paul possesses a combination of intellectual ability, organizational and leadership skills, and interpersonal skills that are certainly in great demand in the profession.”

Sixteen years later, I would certainly be honored if Paul Brown followed in my footsteps by being named as a Diamond Honoree. Given his impressive record of career achievement, I know that Paul will continue to find success in his chosen field, and continue to impact on our work in unique and pathbreaking ways.

So how can you participate?

Donate to the ACPA Foundation. The Foundation is an organization that is dedicating to supporting the next generation of college student educators and research into college student learning and development. As someone who has supported me in the past, I’m hoping you will support the organization that I love and to which I have dedicated much of my professional career. Clicking the link below, you can donate in any amount to support the ACPA Foundation in my name. Many thanks to everyone that has supported me in this journey and to the students who have taught me along the way.


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