Presenting at #GLACUHO 2016 Today…

glacuhoI’m excited to be back in the region in which I got my start. During my graduate student days I was the intern for Alma Sealine when she was GLACUHO President. Fast forward 15 years later and I’m back in the region and presenting three times. Below are the slides from the presentations I will be giving along with some additional resources.

Highlighting Your Strengths as a Professional, Online

Being a visible and engaged professional online has many benefits including opening doors to job opportunities and accessing and participating in free or low cost professional development.  This session aims to help professionals develop an online presence through portfolios, webpages, and social media profiles.  It also aims to highlight ways that professionals can cultivate a personal learning network and engage in community learning.  Participants can expect to leave this session with tangible steps they can take and tools they can use to enhance their online presence and engagement.

Building Online Engagement Through Social Media

In this session, participants will learn about how to leverage social and digital media to increase student engagement online. These strategies include clarifying one’s goals, determining audiences, selecting appropriate platforms, establishing an identity, organizing one’s operation, and determining roles and responsibilities.  Each of these topics will be followed up by examples and group dialogue.  This session will be of particular use for those beginning their journey, but intermediate users will benefit from solidifying their foundation.



Books Addressing Related Topics:

Writing Outcomes for Digital Student Development

Social and digital media represent new learning and developmental contexts that extend beyond the four walls of a student’s residence hall room, but where are students learning how to navigate these environments successfully?  As residential educators, it is important that we equip students with the necessary knowledge and skills to be productive and effective online. In this session, participants will be exposed to some of the latest research and resources on student learning and development in the digital age.  From this base, example learning outcomes will be developed for teaching students about issues of digital identity and digital citizenship for potential incorporation into residential curricula and educational plans.


Books Addressing Related Topics:

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