New Webinar: Staying Relevant: The Relationship between Student Affairs and Mobile Technology (w/Guidebook)


I recently had the opportunity to join the higher ed tech company, Guidebook, on a webinar discussing how apps and technology are changing the student experience and student expectations for higher education. Chris Trudell of Guidebook served as the moderator. If you’re interested, it’s free and available online.

Staying Relevant: The Relationship between Student Affairs and Mobile Technology

Higher Education scholar Dr. Paul Gordon Brown joins us for a discussion on the state of digitalization in higher ed today. In the face of an ever-evolving technological landscape, Student Affairs professionals face the need to keep up with trends and ensure seamless communication with students. Paul and Guidebook’s Chris Trudell discuss trends we’re seeing in higher ed today and propose their thoughts on how Student Affairs professionals can keep up.

You’ll Learn:

  • How to engage students in this new digital environment
  • What it means for your institution to have a digital identity
  • Technological challenges that Student Affairs will face in the future

View the Webinar

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