My background as a higher education professional of over 20 years along with my advanced doctoral study in higher education has helped inform my approach to the topics on which I speak and consult.  My background in college-level instruction informs how I develop and design learning experiences and workshops.  My background in advising and counseling results in my being a listener who identifies campus needs and provides further questions and solutions.  My background in students affairs has given me a lens of inclusion and social justice.  My background in visual design informs how I prepare visuals and media to engage others.

Higher Education and Technology Presentations and Keynotes

Many of my speaking engagements and keynote addresses have centered around the impact and intersections of digital and social technologies with higher education.  In particular, I leverage my scholarly work and research to inform my presentations, but present it in an accessible way.  Some of the common topics I have spoken on (to both student and professional audiences) include:

  • Technology and social media’s influence on student learning, development, and civic engagement.
  • Digital and Technological disruption in higher education and student affairs.
  • Curating and leveraging one’s online presence for professional development, networking, and the job search.

Residential Curriculum and Curricular Approach Workshops

A residential curriculum or curricular approach to residence life and student affairs work is an intentional design process for organizing and enhancing student learning out of the classroom. I have served on the faculty of the Institute on the Curricular Approach (formerly the Residential Curriculum Institute) since 2013. Through this experience and my own research and work, I have developed my own workshops for on campus training. These workshops do not replace the value of the Institute on the Curricular Approach, which provides exposure to a diverse array of institutional curricula and how they enact them, but provide a more cost effective way for getting your entire staff trained and versed in all aspects of the approach.

Although I contextualize each workshop to an individual school’s needs, most workshops typically follow a standard two day schedule:

9:00am – Introduction to the Curriculum
11:15am – BREAK
11:30am – Archeological Dig and the Educational Priority
Noon – LUNCH
1:00pm – Learning Goals, Narratives, Outcomes, and Rubrics
3:00pm – BREAK

9:00am – Open Q&A, Review Group Goals/Outcomes/Rubrics
10:15am – BREAK
10:30am – Sequencing, and Educational Plans, Assessment, Partners, and External Review
11:30am – Closure
Noon – BREAK

Typically I suggest inviting stakeholders and partners to the first 2+ hour session On Day 1.  It is delivered in a keynote-lecture-style and reviews all of the broad details about the curricular approach. This is great for folks whom you want want to gain buy-in from, but who won’t be as active in the implementation. Later sessions are more workshop-style with hands-on practice sessions.

All workshops include copies of all presentation slides, handouts, and supplementary readings for your use. I also continue the relationship with each school I work with through email/phone consultation as the staff works their way through the process.

Intersted in inviting me? The first step would be to contact me to set up a phone call so I can better understand your current situation and needs.

Previous Campuses I’ve Visited for Residential Curriculum and Student Affairs Divisional Curriculum Workshops (43):

Grinnell College (March 2023), Univesity of Wyoming (March 2023), West Texas A&M University (September 2022), Morrisville State College (August 2022), Oklahoma City University (May 2022), University of Utah (May 2022), The Ohio State University (March 2022), Grinnell College (October 2021), Oklahoma City University (June 2021), Binghamton University (February 2020), Oberlin College (January 2020), Boise State University (November 2019), Yale-National University of Singapore (November 2019), University of Louisville, Sullivan University, Spalding University, & Campbellsville University (October 2019), University of Texas at Dallas (October 2019), Morrisville State College (August 2019), Bucknell University (June 2019), West Virginia University (May 2019), Stevens Institute of Technology (April 2019), University of Nebraska-Lincoln (March 2019), University of San Francisco (January 2019), University Wisconsin Madison (January 2019), Butler University (January 2019), University of North Alabama (January 2019), Central Washington University (December 2018), Green Mountain College (November 2018), University of North Texas (September 2018), Ohio University (September 2018), State University of New York College at Cobleskill (August 2018), University of Pittsburgh (July 2018), Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis (July 2018), Eastern Kentucky University (July 2018), University of North Carolina Pembroke (June 2018), Michigan Technological University (June 2018), Illinois Math and Science Academy (May 2018), University of Colorado, Boulder (January 2018), Eastern Kentucky University (January 2018), University of North Dakota (November 2017), Morrisville State College (October 2017), Indiana State University (September 2017), Marquette University (July 2017), University of Maryland Baltimore County (January 2016), Marquette University (December 2016).


IMG_0586In addition to speaking, it is not uncommon for me to use my time with a client for consultation and conversation.  Pairing a speaking engagement with a sit down consultation is a very common practice and one that department and institutions have reported as helpful.  Through pre-engagement meetings, I can review and prepare materials to ensure clients get the most out of their time with me.

Housing and Residence Life External Reviews

I have also aided housing and residence life departments with program/external reviews. With my lengthy history in higher education across a number of institutional types and functional areas, I can provide robust and thoughtful feedback regarding departmental areas of strength and areas for improvement. I have also been a participant in and a faculty member for ACUHO-I’s Professional Standards Institute.

Previous Campuses I’ve Visited for Housing and Residence Life External Reviews:

  • University of San Francisco (November 2015)
  • University of Rhode Island (June 2017) *a part of ACUHO-I PSI
  • Colorado College (July 2018) *a part of ACUHO-I PSI
  • Rochester Institute of Technology (February 2020)

Speaking Map.001

Presentation Style

FullSizeRenderWhen presenting, I utilize a highly dynamic and visual style coupled with wit and humor.  My background as a scholar and college instructor allows me to ground my work in research (including my own original work) while also ensuring the subject matter is accessible to a range of audiences audiences.  Through the utilization of high quality graphics, video, and interactive activities, my aim is to keep the audience engaged, entertained, and learning.

My design work and presentation abilities resulted in LinkedIn’s presentation sharing site, Slideshare, designating me a “Keynote Author.”  My work was been designated a “Top Presentation of the Day” 17 times and recognized as a “Featured Presentation” on the homepage 32 times.  Presentation design and sharing site HaikuDeck has also highlighted my work as a “featured deck.”

I can speak to student as well as professional and industry audiences.  Although I can speak to a broad range of audiences, in my past professional experience, I have worked with special student sub-populations including first year students, and honors and high ability students.  Institutionally I have worked at public and private institutions, religiously and non-religiously affiliated institutions, and internationally.  Professionally I have presented at higher education research conference, student affairs association conferences, and student leader conferences including those focused on housing and residence life, academic advising, and honors programs.