Through the Lens of an iPhone: Los Angeles, CA

The following iPhoneography photos were taken during my trips to Los Angeles, California.

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What are the Benefits of Moving to a Curricular Approach to Residence Life?

When encountering the curricular approach for the first time, many staff may wonder why the approach has gained such currency within student affairs and residence life and what research and data backs up and supports its use. When asking these questions, it is important to understand that the curricular approach is a model of how to organize one’s educational activities to ensure the achievement of learning outcomes. It is a planning and organizational tool. The actual execution of these occurs differently on different campuses. Therefore, it is difficult to ascribe success to the model itself. Furthermore, because institutions have not systematically engaged students in these ways before, they may not have prior data with which to compare their newfound practices. Each individual campus’ curriculum needs to be evaluated on its own merits and successes. This is why some of the nascent research on the topic, such as Lichterman’s (2016) doctoral research focused on a one-institution case study approach. Read More

Through the Lens of an iPhone: Iguazú Falls

The following iPhoneography photos were taken at Iguazu Falls (on the Argentinian side).

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Developing Your Educational Plan(s) and Putting Your Residential Curriculum Into Practice

Once a department or division articulates the goals, outcomes, and objectives it hopes to achieve, and they’ve undergone the work to rubric, map, and sequence these objectives, the final step in the process is the development of an overall educational plan.  Educational plans function much like blueprints. As plans, they outline time-based progression through the curriculum.  They include all major components of the curriculum (from the Educational Priority to Goals, Outcomes, and Rubrics) and include all of the facilitation guides for each individually executed strategy. In short, your educational plan is the master document of your entire curriculum. Read More

Through the Lens of an iPhone: Buenos Aires Street Art

Buenos Aires has some impressive street art. It’s easy to find throughout the city. The following are some photos I took of this street art during my travels. I also went on two street art tours by Graffiti Mundo. (Highly recommended!!)

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