#ACPA16 Presentation: Social and Digital Technology Competency Institute for College Student Educators

Myself and a number of my colleagues from the ACPA Digital Task Force came together to propose a pre-conference session that is intended to help practitioners make sense of the new Technology competency area in the ACPA/NASPA Competencies for Student Affairs Educators.  The following post gives a broad overview of the session as well as additional resources for participants and guests alike!


tech-competency-institute-for-college-student-educators-1-638Today’s most progressive Student Affairs (SA) practitioners and faculty are recognizing the tremendous potential for technology as a core competency in administrative leadership and student learning. It’s crucial that SA educators understand digital technology in order to make informed decisions and model effective digital literacy and citizenship. Crisis management, student engagement, social media identity, and digital pedagogy are just a few areas explored in this fast-paced, interactive, and multimedia rich workshop. Guided by the new recommendations from the ACPA/NASPA Professional Competencies, presenters will also share the latest scholarship, research, and proven practice in this quickly evolving area.

Professional Competency Alignment:

  • Technology (primary)
  • Student Learning and Development
  • Assessment, Evaluation, and Research
  • Administrative Leadership


Ed Cabellon, Bridgewater State University
Tony Doody, Rutgers University
Paul Gordon Brown, Boston University
Laura Pasquini, University of North Texas
Josie Ahlquist, Florida State University



Blog posts on the Technology Competencies:

2 thoughts on “#ACPA16 Presentation: Social and Digital Technology Competency Institute for College Student Educators

  1. Reblogged this on TechKNOW Tools and commented:
    Today (March 6th) we will be facilitating the 1st Social and Digital Technology Competency Institute for College Student Educators (a.k.a. Half-Day Pre-Conference Colloquia H) at 2016 ACPA Convention on Sunday, March 6, 2016 from 1-4:30 pm EST (Palais des Congrès de Montréal, 513D). Here is the agenda for today, if you want to sign up for the event:

    -Introductions and TECH Competency Orientation
    -Welcome Message & Pre-Institute Survey (http://bit.ly/TECHassess)
    -History of Tech in SA / Implementation Model
    -ACPA/NASPA Tech Competency Overview: Themes http://bit.ly/SAcompTECH
    –#SAtech Competency Reflection: Your Perspective
    –#SAtech Assessment at Your Campus
    BREAK 2:30-2:45 pm
    -Short Attention Span #SAtech Theatre: Here are topics and highlights to #satech trends, topics & more!
    -Discussion: Q & A // Comments
    -Wrap Up: Resources & Follow Up

    Follow our conversation on the backchannel using #SAtech + #ACPA16, and read via Paul’s blog post.

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